Draft Dose: Two-sport athletes

With the possibility of a blockade of the NFL next season, there was speculation that QB Jake Locker could try the absence of an NFL season as an opportunity to try their luck in a career in baseball. Local twice by the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, who have developed their rights. A baseball scout quoted anonymously in Baseball America, Locker said a possible Hall of Fame could be.  However, Locker has reaffirmed its commitment to the survival of football.

In this sense, in 搂 19 of the draft dose series, we investigate the case of famous athletes in both sports were in their respective projects.

Prime Time  was the fifth pick in 1989 by the NFL Falcons. But a year ago, the New York Yankees as an outfielder selected Sanders in the series 30 of the MLB draft. Sanders played for four teams in nine seasons in the majors, but never played a full season, and he was still juggling football and baseball. His best moment baseball have helped the Braves in the World Series in 1992. Sanders, of course, made his fortune on the football field as one of the best cornerbacks in the league history. The eight-time Pro Bowl ended his career with 53 interceptions, nine of them in return for scores. Sanders will be inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2011.

After a dominant career at Auburn that included Heisman Trophy, Jackson was the first choice for Tampa Bay in the 1986 draft in the NFL. However, Jackson chose to play baseball, rather than after the Royals selected him in the fourth round of the 1986 baseball draft. Jackson made his debut in Major League September, a stunning achievement in itself, and one of Steve Carlton in his first major league at-bat. However, Jackson returned to football after the Raiders selected him in the seventh round and offered him more money and flexibility for both sports play again. Jackson played four seasons with the Raiders, so that the Pro Bowl in 1990, but he only played in 10 games this year. Jackson played eight seasons in baseball, was an All-Star game as a left fielder, but at the end of his career was cut short in two sports after he had to have his hip surgery. He played two seasons in baseball, but back in the NFL.

After a career in football and basketball in the state of Florida, including a Heisman Trophy, is not sure he wanted Ward to play professionally. Ward said NFL teams he would play basketball, unless it is a first round pick was. Like most teams did not have great value, Ward was drafted in the 1994 NFL draft, he went to play basketball. Ward was playing one of the first round pick of the New York Knicks in the NBA in 1994 and went to 12 seasons in the NBA, averaging just over six points per game in his career.

Elway was drafted by the Royals in 1979 but not yet signed. Two years later, the New York Yankees and signed Elway, who hit .318 in 42 minor league games. Elway then uses his keen sense for baseball as a lever to force him from Baltimore. The Colts took Elway with the first pick in the NFL in 1983, but Elway publicly declared their intention to never play for Baltimore. The Colts gave up and traded Elway the Broncos, where he went to Denver to two Super Bowl victory. The nine-time Pro Bowl was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2004, and the conversation over a quarter of all time.

If you saw a couple of Fame, a league All-Star and the head so far in this list, sometimes does not attempt the two sports. can be taken after a solid career at Michigan as an example of A. Henson, Henson was drafted in the third round of the 1998 draft by the Yankees in the Major Leagues. Fast forward to 2003 and Henson had just nine plate appearances as a registered player in the majors. In the hope of more success on the field, Henson joined the Cowboys after the change of third-round pick for the Texans, the Henson as trade bait worked out in the sixth round of the QMJHL for 2003 NFL. The Cowboys thought they had found a potential franchise quarterback, but Henson has started one game for the  boys to forget an initial laboratory ended Day, when he spoke of Vinny Testa Verde has been replaced. Henson has recovered in the years prior to the in two roles in  08 with the Lions. Henson was one of the two-action game and moved shortly thereafter, resulting in a promising career to an end.


Sacramento Kings trade name file Anaheim

SACRAMENTO, have Calif.The Sacramento Kings a step toward a possible route for the relocation of South Anaheim taken explore California.With Reyes, an attorney for the Sacramento, the owners of the plants at least four states trademark registrations in that month.

The names that are in line with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Web site to be announced: Royal Anaheim, Anaheim Real Southern California, Orange County and the Royals Royals Los Angeles. The presentation took place on 3 March by attorney Scott Hervey, on behalf of the League of crickets, a company in Nevada.

Hervey worked for Kings owners Joe and Gavin Maloof in the previous fiscal sports, including skate competition Maloof Money Cup in Orange County. A message left on a comment that was not immediately seek to Hervey again Wednesday.

Joe Maloof declined to leave a comment on the statement of marks and a message with a spokesman for the NBA was not immediately returned.

The name change would be a return to the days before the franchise.

The franchise has been extended trips, known as the Rochester Royals in the first season in the NBA in 1949, winning the title in 1951 before moving to Cincinnati in 1957. If the Cincinnati Royals in Kansas City back in 1972, it was decided to change his name to avoid conflict with the Kansas City Royals Baseball, he joined the American League in 1969.

The Kings kept their nickname when they moved to Sacramento in 1985, but another name change is very likely that if the club 35 miles south of downtown Los Angeles, where the NHL Los Angeles Kings have played since 1967, moved.

Coincidentally, the Kings have played several home games this season in uniform, leaving the NBA champion Rochester Royals in 1951.

The NBA already has an extension of the Kings by 18 April granted a request to transfer file next season. Teams normally have until 1 March, a measure for the upcoming season apply.

The Kings have the option of their options in the meeting of the NBA Board of Governors from 14 to 15 discuss Season finale in Sacramento on 13 April at home against the rival Lakers.

Sacramento has refused for years a public body, the support is crucial for the financial recovery Maloof build long-term.

Sacramento Johnson also said that building work on a new stadium for a franchise in the NBA  with or without kings.


The decision of the NBA trade deadline infected: The Book of Norman

The root of the decision is still devastating to travel to the multinational corporations, franchise basketball and professional speakers: LeBron James lottery month after a man, played with the cable TV network is still ashamed of ESPN NBA team its recovery and maintain Jim Gray-mi-Mike-o-te-foot radio career continued to grow.
Today we focus on the impact of the NBA, because, frankly, a couch slouch only focus on one thing at a time.
In his dedication to a remote beach in southern Florida, James has transformed the landscape of the NBA, so that the continental drift and suddenly reverse generations of immigrants to the West. If Horace Greeley were alive today, no doubt, he said, Behold the man, young, or at least book a trip for three days on Staten Iceland.
With an intense period of trade, here's a look at it again after the decision NBA? In Miami, the three tenors James, Dwyane Wade and the other is a night show with standing ovations, but the show could be closed before the end of the NBA.
? With the help of a thousand miles away Isiah Thomas, the Knicks have shot known to the act of singing and dancing, Amare Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony as the first, ask questions after a tragic comedy work in the world's most famous stadium maintained.
(We'll talk in our special Kim and Kourtney Take New York. NBA version of the article)? Nugget and cracked, bad Danilo Gallinari is a city full of Italians in a city full of olive gardens.
? The Celtics also a single list (Jeff Green), they think of Kevin Garnett always trash talking, finger-pointing to achieve eye-catching antics are bar to another championship.
? Kendrick Perkins is now in Oklahoma City, where his signature is the latest sensation cow tipping scowl.
? Deron Williams, now with New Jersey. The agreement included an EZ Pass.
(Was Former coach Jerry Sloan Jazz sit in a Ramada Inn lounge, sipping a whiskey and water, if new trade Williams appeared on the big screen. Immediately paid his tab, hailed a taxi and told the driver twice as long at EnergySolutions Arena but half way I did not need it, and asked the waiter to bring him back to his barstool. You made the right choice Jerry.)? Kirk Hinrich is in Atlanta. The Hawks have done that, to preserve only the face, because in the grand scheme of things, where he played Hinrich no influence on the outcome of a contest NBA.
? Mo Williams, left less than LeBron in Cleveland have the option of a witness protection program or the Clippers. Unfortunately, he chose the Clippers.
? The Clippers Baron Davis trade because they could.
? To their credit, the Wizards no matter where LeBron planned on the budget and the game for a 60-loss season.
OK, you can see, dealing the Knicks-Nuggets-Timberwolves. It was a severe blow, in broad daylight for Denver, with the help of their network management Knicks Mikhail Prokhorov bait with a bid-to-know-Melo to refuse the tactics. Hey, if the Nuggets had kept for 12 hours, the Knicks Willis Reed, Walt Frazier and the Statue of Liberty would be thrown.
That's what I say about the czar Knicks, James Dolan: If you have never had the formula for Coca-Cola, had come when they are ready, it tastes like cough syrup disadvantages.
Of course, some fans of the Knicks are now thinking that they are ready for a career in the title. To that I say and Melo Amare appropriate means that the Knicks are clearly now the fourth or fifth best team in the Eastern Conference. Congratulations.
Amare Melo and we will take you to the promised land, they will lead to Foot Locker. They are the two scorers in the wonderful and amazing defense. Melo could not stop when the bus is a bus stop.
The idea of the pressure on the Knicks defense is that to stop Spike Lee.
In a related development, Jim Gray hopes his film career with an interview on YouTube a tirade Charlie Sheen end.